Ricky’s valley fever

Got some good news this morning from my veterinarian – Ricky’s most recent valley fever test came back with a titer level of 1:2, so he is able to get off his daily Fluconazole medication. So happy, total answer to prayer for sure, so Thank You God!!!

Obviously he’s not out of the woods yet, and will have to be monitored for a resurgence in symptoms but, for right now, I’m just happy that we have made it to this stage. I hoped that we would have been at this state 6 months ago, and it was a bitter blow having to stick with his Fluconazole treatment for another 6 months, but the result today is worth the extra wait. His last bad symptom was on November 30, 2018, so we are very glad to have now put over a year between us and that incident.

The poor dog has been through a lot heath-wise since I adopted him during September 2016, and he wasn’t totally sure why suddenly he was getting bear hugs and kisses from me when I heard the news, but luckily he loves his dad so he was gracious and put up with them. He also enjoyed the celebratory treat though, as did his brother and sister. An early Christmas gift.


Shannon Airport

Very happy to see this post on https://simpleflying.com regarding efforts to position Shannon International airport as a transatlantic transfer hub airport.

I have been saying for years that the Republic of Ireland-located airport was a perfect fit for such a venture, and I feel a little validated that the airport management team is thinking along the same lines.

Very exciting project for the airport to pursue, and I wish them well as they work to make it a reality.

The Three sleeping

As is a common occurrence in my house, The Three (aka Sandy, Morgan and Ricky) were crashed out asleep on the family room floor in various locations and alignments the other evening.

As you can see from the TV screen, I was watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation on H&I channel (even on May 4th I am so not a Star Wars fan – Star Trek is far more believable).

And yes, that is indeed dust on the coffee table (however, be assured that I have since dusted and cleaned it). Given the choice of either spending quality time with three large dogs that love me or dust a coffee table, I’m choosing the dogs every time.


Zombie Sanctuary 2

On October 2, 2016, I posted pictures of the Beware Zombie Sanctuary sign I had just installed on the back wall of my back yard. It was brand new despite the intentional weathered look of the sign.

Yesterday, I noticed how damaged it had become to the point where it is no longer recognizable. Morgan still says that there are zombies living in that part of the yard, so replacing the sign is now on my “to do” list…







From the moment I saw the trailer for Manifest, which premiered on NBC last night (Monday, September 24, 2018), I have been waiting patiently for the first episode.

It did not disappoint.

I will admit that I was a little concerned that it would be a tad hokey, and quickly descent to a level of banality that the aviation-themed “Pan Am” did, but luckily it did not. Not only did it start out strong and with an immediate plot twist that set up the premise of the show, it featured multiple sequences involving an aircraft and dogs, so it checked off multiple check boxes for me.

So…if you try calling me on Monday nights from now on between the hours of 9pm and 10pm (Arizona local time), your call will go straight to voicemail because I will be watching Manifest…just so you know…

Abandoned dog toys

Images of abandoned buildings, cars, airplanes etc. are always interesting to look at, especially when Mother Nature is slowly enveloping them with tree branches and other vegetation. Of course, such places need not always be located in distant places…

Take my back yard, for example. I haven’t cut the grass in a couple…maybe a few…weeks now and, coupled with the recent monsoon rain and our ever-present sunshine, I noticed that the dog toys that one (or more) of the three dogs have abandoned are slowly becoming enveloped by the grass and weeds.




Word for 2018 is…

A couple of years ago, I read an interesting article that suggested selecting a single word to focus on for the New Year versus setting several “New Year Resolutions” that most of us fail to maintain anyway within a very short time of adopting them. In response to the article, I decided to select a focus word for 2015, and it was an enjoyable experience so, for 2016, I decided to repeat the experiment, and again in 2017.

Now that 2017 is ending, and 2018 is on the horizon and approaching rapidly, I wanted to revisit my 2017 word for the year and then look to the future and my new focus word for 2018.

My word for 2017 was “stability” and boy did that ever miss the mark…or so I first thought. My passion has always been aviation, and this year alone I have had the incredible fortune to work for three different airlines! I relocated to Florida for several months and only then realized both the depth of the roots I had established in Arizona over the years and how much I valued them. November 6 was my first day working for my preferred employer in the aviation industry. It might not akin to the normal meaning of “stability” but this year’s life events have illustrated where my true stability lies.

For 2018, the word that I have chosen to focus on is “Growth”. Personal growth, financial growth,…regardless of the growth opportunities that come my way in 2018 I want to be ready to recognize them, grab them, and leverage the heck out of them. Moreover, not just growth for my own personal gain. Helping someone else to grow in their career or other area of life is quite rewarding in itself. Even when painful, growth is more valuable than gold.

So, what word are you going to focus on in 2018?



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