Life Quotes: #1 in a series

A recent poll on my company’s intranet asked employees to post their life mottos. Reading through the list, I found several that resonated with me so I decided to start a blog series based on my thoughts on why those specific quotes struck a chord with me while the others did not. I value your comments on this series; have any of these quotes (or my blog commentary on same) inspired you in any way?

The Life Quote
We are all familiar with the “Carpe Diem” quote but the version that a coworker posted was “Carpe the heck out of this diem!” I got a kick out of it because it both dilutes the formality and rigidity of the original phrase while making it something that most of us can relate to and even adopt more readily. “Carpe Diem/Seize The Day” sounds quite the noble pronouncement of one’s intentions, but there are days when the only thing I have any interest in seizing is my alarm clock so that I can launch it against something solid in order to stop its incessant bleating. Especially at 6:50 in the morning as Fall’s grip on the Phoenix metro area becomes more evident, and the morning sun less so, it’s not hard to envy my two dogs as they roll over and settle back to sleep. Their morning routine doesn’t start until I’m showered and dressed, at which point they line up for some petting and then breakfast.

Difference of word positioning
I’m reminded of an elderly priest (those who attended 10am Sunday mass at Our Lady of the Rosary church will remember Father Boucher) who, during one particular Sunday morning sermon, commented that most people wake up and say “Good God, morning!” rather than “Good morning, God!”. The simple act of switching the positioning of those two words effortlessly changes what might be a groan-filled exclamation into a positive affirmation.

Which is why the inclusion of “…the heck out of this…” caught my attention; it recognizes the lofty effort of seizing every day, humanizes it a little, and turns it into the rallying cry of an achievable goal. Plus, it offers a little leeway on the amount of seizing that one has to do.

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