A new mouse/wrist pad

Although an independent brand partner with Nerium™ International, I also work full time at a Fortune 100 company whose number one value is safety. Following a recent ergonomic evaluation of my cubicle, a mouse/wrist pad was ordered for me and it showed up recently.


Change is uncomfortable
My previous mouse pad had gotten old and soiled so I had tossed it in the trash some time ago but not replaced it. As a result, I had become used to leaning my wrist on the desk while using the mouse. That positioning was not ideal, and definitely not ergonomically smart but, just like The Slight Edge teaches, not addressing the issue was easy to do. However, The Slight Edge also identifies this decision as a small error in judgment that has the potential for serious wrist health ramifications if left unaddressed over a long period of time, which was why my manager authorized the purchase of the aforementioned mouse/wrist pad.

The mouse/wrist pad initially felt awkward and uncomfortable. I had gotten too used to leaning my wrist against the curved edge of the desk but the gel wrist pack forces my wrist and lower arm to stay level. It also limits the free movement of the mouse that I had enjoyed previously. So my mouse movements now have to change. I know that, over time, I will get used to the new wrist position and it will soon become a way of life, but for now the change is uncomfortable and my resistance to the change is high. Luckily I’m on vacation this week for the Thanksgiving holiday so, once I return to my desk, the mouse/wrist pad will be a part of my work environment.


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