Empty television calories

Buying into what is likely a popular fallacy, my roommate and I usually leave the TV turned on during the day to provide background noise for both his dog and mine. Although they seem to pay more attention to it during the evening than during the day (when they have more important things to do like sleep and bark at the mailman), it’s now become a habit of ours. My TV viewing time has dropped greatly in recent years due a heavy work schedule but tonight I was reminded how much television content can be a silent and relentless brain cell killer.

Empty television calories

Picture this: I was standing at the kitchen island, iPad in hand, alternating between accumulated Facebook newsfeed updates and a hot plate of assorted leftover green bean casserole, yams, and turkey. In the background, the young hosts of a popular “daily entertainment” program gushed enthusiastically (and practically breathlessly) about the latest “news”, ‘scandals”, and “updates” emanating from the lives of today’s “stars”. Lindsey Lohan had become embroiled in a bar fight with someone. Halle Berry had just listed for sale the house where her ex-husband had recently engaged in an altercation with her current fiancé. Matthew Perry had parodied Angus T Jones’s recent denouncement of his “Two and a half men” show. I think I heard mention of “the women of ‘The View’” having an opinion on same at one point. Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife criticized his recent decision to drive while his current wife was holding their 4-month child rather than using a baby seat. Alec Baldwin wasn’t wearing pants during an interview in order to show off his recent weight loss. Donald Trump provided suitable controversial sound bites in an attempt to condemn, or otherwise explain away, each irrelevant instance. And it suddenly hit me – what a deluge of empty television calories!

Who actually keeps up with this stuff?

It’s scary to know that people tune into this show to consume its fare of continuous self-promotion, Twitter feuds, and outrageous antics by “the stars” and others. And yet each evening at 6:30pm on the local NBC affiliate here in the Phoenix metro area this 30-minute barrage of cultural clutter airs. Indeed, the show bills itself as “the most watched entertainment news show in the world” or some such, so it is obviously a popular broadcast.

Read 10 pages of a good book daily

Which is why the foundational practice of Nerium International employees and its Brand Partners to read 10 pages of a good book each day is such a wonderful departure from the norm. Consider the math involved:

10 (pages of a good book a day) x 365 (days a year) = 3650 pages of information

30 (minutes in each show) x 5 (days a week) x 52 (weeks a year) = 3900 hours of empty television calories

This evening I delved into Shawn Achor’s “The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work”. I read several more than 10 pages because it is such a fascinating read. As I write this, my favorite contemporary Christian listener-supported radio station (K-Love) plays in the background. Its tagline is “positive, encouraging”, two words that could never describe the daily antics of Lindsey Lohan et al.


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  • UltraSexy911

    I completely agree. I too hate “entertainment news” with a passion. Every morning when I’m munching my way through my cornflakes the entertainment segment of the Breakfast Show starts. I get annoyed and frustrated every morning listening to the presenters talking about what the so called “stars” are up to. Listening to that crap every morning isn’t good for me.


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