2013 is coming soon. Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?


New resolutions for a New Year
The start of each New Year brings with it a sense of rebirth and an opportunity to hit the Reset button on many aspects of our lives. However, they are often an exercise in futility and the time spent on them could be better utilized.


My 2013 resolution strategy
Like most everyone, I’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past and then either forgotten, broken, or simply abandoned them throughout the month of January. So this year I’ve decided to approach things a little differently. Rather that make resolutions that I know won’t last, I’m going to concentrate on converting selected tasks into routines and habits.

My reasoning for this approach is fairly straightforward – habits are activities that eventually become routines that you do almost without thinking or without advance planning. For example, my trash collection day is Wednesday and my household recycling collection day is Friday. So every Tuesday night I have a routine that I perform that involves emptying all of the trashcans located throughout the house into a large garbage bag, depositing that bag in the main trashcan, and then wheeling that trashcan to the curb. An additional related task that I perform at that time is to pick up any remaining dog poop (with 2 dogs, I have to perform that task every 2-3 days anyway) and add 2 chlorine tablets to the pool. Since they are all tasks that have to get done anyway, it made sense to include them as a Tuesday night routine. An added benefit is that I can add additional tasks to the routine over time as needed because I know that the routine will get done anyway.

Another routine that I have developed involves processing snail mail. After I pick up the mail (usually every 2-3 days to make the jaunt to the mailbox worth my time) I stand at the kitchen island and separate the accumulated mail into different bundles, usually my roommate’s mail, obvious junk mail and flyers that can be redirected to the recycle bin without further processing, bills and other items of correspondence that requires immediate attention, and the remaining “stuff” that can be processed at a later time. I then work through the stacks and process them appropriately. Using this process I can generate a stack of date-ordered bills that are ready to be paid as well  as keep the island free of unnecessary clutter.


My planned routines and habits for 2013
Thus far I have only settled on a couple of routines and habits that I want to work on for the initial months of 2013, and I think that doing so is a good start. It’s easier to internalize 1 or 2 new routines and habits into your life at any time as against identifying 10 or more and then wondering why you feel suddenly overwhelmed. Further, I can incorporate them today rather than feeling like I somehow have to wait until January 1.

For example, as a Nerium™ Independent Brand Partner, I read 10 pages of a good book (i.e. predominately self-improvement) each day. However, during an average week I may miss a day or two simply because “something came up’ – an unexpected late meeting or social engagement or other. I’ve tried making a specific time my “reading time” but that typically doesn’t work during the weekends when my schedule is far more flexible. So in 2013 I will make my reading a standard daily task that needs to be done each day before I go to bed. Simple as that – if I haven’t done my reading for that day then I don’t go to bed, regardless of how tired I may feel. By removing the time requirement (“I read my 10 pages at 8pm every day!”) I am hoping to add more flexibility into the habit so that at some point each day I am able to carve out reading time.

I’m also going to include some time each evening to process and disposition both personal and Nerium™-related email. Between subscribed email, RSS feed content from blogs, and junk email, my various email inboxes can become overwhelmed quickly, and maintaining vast quantities of accumulated email that I have yet to read is not a good business strategy. Plus, I have my inboxes linked to my smart phone, so I have the ability to process email messages upon receipt. So I will do exactly that; process each email upon receipt and either marked it as Unread (so I can give it the attention it needs later), move it to an appropriate folder for retention purposes, or delete it once I have consumed its information.

Both are minor changes and neither is going to change the world for the better, but that is the point of the exercise. Simple positive adjustments, done consistently over time, work cumulatively to result in big successes – sound familiar? It’s the Slight Edge in action.


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