I said “Yikes!” a couple of times this morning when I checked an email account and discovered that one of my business listings was seriously outdated!

Outdated information
If you manage your own small business (or home-based business like me), then you likely manage your own website (either by yourself or by contracting with another company) in addition to classified ads, online flyers, and listings on business sites like Yelp. The downside of trying to keep so many different promotional strategies active is that that can become outdated. That’s what happened to me; I changed the focus of my Shy Witness™ business earlier this year and totally failed to update my Yelp business profile to align with the new focus and product offering.

I discovered my omission when I opened an update email from Yelp, clicked the “View Account” button posted at the base of the email, logged into the site, and reviewed my business listing. And that was when I uttered my first “Yikes!” of the morning. 🙂

Fixing outdated information
The remaining “Yikes!” utterances occurred while I was deleting the outdated text and photos and replacing same; it’s a lot of work! It’s also tough deleting text and photo captions that I know I spent a lot of time writing, not to mention trying to avoid looking at the user statistics and knowing that those “clicked to website” figures were potential prospects that were needlessly lost. It’s a tough lesson to learn but one that will not be soon forgotten.

The updated images and text is now in place – check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Going forward
Especially when you first start a new business, it is easy to get carried away with creating a listing on as many business listing websites as you can, but the downside of doing so is the significant effort involved in maintaining those listings going forward. Even simple updates like adding a new phone listing or seasonal promotion can quickly become an overwhelming task and, as each website requires a username and password for each account, just tracking the appropriate credentials becomes an additional requirement.

So going forward, I have added a recurring monthly calendar reminder to my smartphone to prompt me to review my business listings and modify them as needed. It’s not a foolproof method of staying on top of things but at least it’s a start.

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