Christmas decorations

The Christmas season has passed but the Christmas decorations are still in place at my house.

Removal in stages
The Christmas decorations were put in place in stages so it probably stands to reason that they would be removed in stages as well. Yesterday I dismantled the nativity scene, gathered up the Christmas cards that had been on display on the shelves in the living room, and finally disposed of the bows that had once adorned nicely-wrapped gifts but then had remained undisturbed on a chair since Christmas morning. The lighted wreath that I had hung outside atop the flag pole has been dismantled and returned to its designated place in a cabinet in the garage along with other assorted Christmas decorations that quickly become Christmas clutter.

Nativity scene

Nativity scene in the living room

Outsourcing the Christmas tree
if it were up to me there would never be a decorated Christmas tree in the house ‘cause it’s a ton of extra work that I don’t want to take on, so my roommate handles it every year instead. I like to tell people that I outsource the task of putting up the tree. Plus he has collected quite the range and selection of ornaments over the years so he has far more of the necessary hardware than I do. I joke with friends that I will hire him out at $20 an hour and he can assemble and decorate their Christmas tree also but thus far no-one has taken me up on the offer. Which surprises me because he does a good job.

Christmas tree 2012

Christmas tree 2012

Neighborhood view
Not too many homes in my immediate neighborhood decorate their homes with Christmas lights (obviously I don’t either, other than the lighted wreath). The house across the street installs several inflatable decorations in the front yard each year without fail but otherwise the neighborhood is not awash with Christmas lights like some of the other areas of the subdivision.  Don’t get me wrong, I think a house decorated with lights looks really cool; I just don’t the time to festoon my home in similar manner or the desire to use that much electricity in such a short period of time.

Getting my garage back to normal
I am looking forward to getting my garage back to normal though, as right now the storage boxes that contain most of the Christmas decorations and usually reside on top of the garage are stacked everywhere on the ground. Add the vehicles to the garage and it’s a nightmare trying to access the cabinets or locate the lawnmower. I am so ready for this weekend to be over and my house return to its normal, undecorated stage.

So now it’s your turn. Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet? Or even better, did you tackle that task the day after Christmas? Comment below and let me know.

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2 responses to “Christmas decorations

  • UltraSexy911

    As per usual. One day is devoted to taking down all the Christmas decorations. My only job is to remove the Christmas tree once all the decorations have been removed. It’s only a small job, but once the tree is gone the whole Christmas feeling goes with it.


  • Shy Witness™

    Agreed. All of the decorations are now put away and the house feels a little bare and cold with everything gone. Especially where the Christmas tree was positioned because it was visible from the family room so the extra light will be missed. But on the flip side the garage is tidy 🙂

    When I was a kid everything would stay in place until January 6 to mark the arrival of the Wise Men; then it was time to take everything down. I guess I missed that tradition by a day he he


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