Pursuing childhood

I read a blog post once that gave me pause.

What the blog post said
The author talked about how she had stood on a beach and, as she stared at the sun, began remembering her childhood dreams. Back when life was simple and careers were something that grown-ups worried about, she had dreamed big plans for her life that had seemed so easily achieved at her young age.

Then she talked about how the reality of her current life had flooded over her and how she had began to feel like those childhood dreams were simply that – childhood dreams that were unobtainable by her adult self. She didn’t share what those dreams were, but clearly they had been very special to her.

Pursuing childhood dreams
Childhood dreams are sometimes simply that – dreams that are impossible to achieve in reality. But many are worth pursuing; we have female astronauts, commercial pilots, engineers etc. because during their childhood those women decided that they wanted to pursue those dreams into reality regardless of the cost.

Pursuing adult dreams
As children grow into adults, some put aside the process of dreaming about future goals, as if such an activity offers no value to the hustle and bustle of adult life, while others continue the process for their lifetime. Dreams are simply fantasy extrapolations on the theme what if – what if I were to go back to school and complete my degree, win the lottery, relocate overseas, pursue a promotion, start my own company…the list never ends. The next step is to begin determining what you need to do today that will allow you to begin the pursuit of those dreams.

Have you put aside your childhood dreams and settled into some dull adult version of reality? Or did you hold on tight to your childhood dreams and bring them into adulthood with you?  Comment below and let me know.

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