How a new trashcan changed my life

I purchased a new trashcan for my home office a few days ago and it has changed my life.


History of the original trashcan
One of the items that I inherited when I purchased my home almost 6 years ago was a white plastic trashcan. It had a gash on one side and was hidden beneath the kitchen sink. I guess the previous owners of the house decided that I would need a trashcan in that location and assumed that leaving it there was a better option than throwing away the damaged item. Initially I was annoyed that the receptacle had been left behind but nevertheless put the item to use (‘cause having a trashcan under the sick was a good idea) and at some point over the years it migrated into my home office. With the damaged side turned toward the wall, and a plastic trash bag placed inside it, it was hard to tell that it had a history.


Gathering of the pool filter sand
In the fall of last year (2012) it was necessary to replace the sand filter for my pool because it had started to leak. If you have ever performed this task you know that removing the sand from the old filter takes time and results in quite the quantity of dirty sand that must be disposed. Neither my roommate nor I had ever had to perform this particular task before and both realized quite simultaneously that emptying all of the sand into the main trashcan was not going to prove a useful solution because sand is incredibly heavy in even small quantities. So we devised a plan to gather the sand in as many suitable receptacles as we could and then over time dispose of the sand. Sadly, one of the suitable receptacles turned out to be my office trashcan.


The final end of the original trashcan
It takes a remarkable amount of time to dispose of sand, given the sheer weight of even small quantities of the substance, so my poor trashcan suffered through weeks of an Arizona Fall (namely blue skies and warm temperatures). Ironically the sand seemed to do more damage to the interior than the weather did to the exterior, and by the time the trashcan was empty it was obvious that it was time to euthanize it and let it go. So I did, but then suffered several weeks without a replacement trashcan in my office, and life was tough. I try and recycle as much as I can but I was blown away by how many times I had to head into the guest bathroom in order to utilize the trashcan in that location.


A new trashcan arrives
I finally purchased a new trashcan at Target (which just happens to be my favorite store) and it has changed my life. It’s plastic, white like its predecessor, made in the USA (which was a refreshing change – kudos to Target for stocking American-made trashcans) but it is a lot smaller so it looks even more inconspicuous within the office space and can be placed closer to me.

Photo of my new trashcan

This is the new trashcan that I purchased at Target for my home office.It’s made in the USA to boot!

Being smaller I will empty it more frequently so will avoid any potential issues with smells and other nastiness emanating from it. And my productivity has increased – my personality type is neurotic enough to get annoyed by a pile of trash items placed nearby awaiting the next convenient journey to the guest bathroom. Being able to now drop said trash items in the new trashcan has lifted a certain weight off my shoulders; I can trash my trash and continue working rather than wonder if perhaps now is a good time to take a break and dispose of the material. A simple, and oft-overlooked convenience for sure, but not having an office trashcan has opened my eyes to the usefulness of the item.

Have you gone without a household item recently and realized an unexpected impact due its absence? How did you cope? Comment below and let me know.


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