Is this dog art?

My dog Sandy has a weird habit of dropping food on the carpet when she eats meals but with dinner last night she took the habit in a whole new direction.

Dog food dog food everywhere
When she eats, she often takes a mouthful of food, walks a few steps away from the food bowl, and then drops the mouthful of food on the carpet. Sometimes she will then eat it before going back to the bowl for the next mouthful and to repeat the process while other times she will leave the dropped food where it fell on the carpet and return to the bowl for another mouthful and to repeat the process. It’s something she has done for as long as I’ve been her dad, and it’s kinda fun to watch her do it.

The interesting part is that she only does this occasionally; usually she will eat directly from the bowl without spreading food everywhere. Her brother Max has picked up the habit from her but thankful doesn’t do it that often; usually he prefers to play the role of the vacuum and eat the dropped food that she ignores, eschewing the other bowl of food completely. It’s like a well-rehearsed comedy routine between the two of them.

Was she creating art with her dinner?
Both of then had mostly ignored the food bowls last night at dinner but later in the evening Sandy started eating. I was watching a rerun of “The Big Bang Theory” so wasn’t paying attention to her. But then I looked over and she had dog food everywhere! The pictures below don’t do the scene justice or show the scale of how much food she had dropped over such a large portion of the family room carpet.

Dog food on the living room carpet

Sandy dropped dinner all over the living room floor last night instead of eating it

Food on the family room carpet

This is what the family room carpet looked like last night once Sandy got done distributing food everywhere

She wasn’t inclined to pick it up either, and Max wasn’t around to eat any of it, so I got down on the floor and started collecting it. She started taking the food out of my hand as if she was going to eat it and then began dropping it back on the floor again.

That got old fast.

Breakfast this morning
I was intrigued by what would happen at breakfast this morning and she didn’t disappoint – check out the video that I shot of her this morning dropping food on the carpet in the family room again. The other dog in the video is Max, and you’ll see him doing his vacuuming routine later in the video.

Have you ever seen a dog do something like this with their food before? Comment below and let me know.

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