Life Quotes: #3 in a series

A recent poll on my company’s intranet asked employees to post their life motto. Reading through the list, I found several that resonated with me so I decided to start a blog series based on my thoughts on why those specific quotes struck a chord with me while the others did not. I value your comments on this series; have any of these quotes (or my blog commentary on same) inspired you in any way?

The Life Quote
For a period of time I had a Post It™ note attached to the unused computer monitor on my home office desk that read Insanity… as a reminder of the oft-quoted definition of insanity. The … was an easy way of avoiding having to write the entire definition/saying on such a small piece of paper. And then, in my infinite wisdom, I donated the monitor to Goodwill during my Christmas vacation so the Post It™ note ended up in the trash. However, a similar life quote appeared in the list of employee-supplied quotes, namely To get a different result, change the behavior.

One of the reasons I like this life quote is that it proposes the solution needed to address the problem. Namely, change the approaches that you are using when attempting to achieve a particular result and you will get a different result. It may not be the result that you are looking for but it will be a different result nonetheless. The definition of insanity quite is funny and insightful but it doesn’t show you the solution.

Progress doesn’t always have to mean a positive result; a negative result is still progress because it generates a measurable result that helps you determine how to understand the adjustments made to the behavior that generated the result. You may not like the new result but at least it’s not the previous result that hasn’t worked for you to date.

Indeed, I like this quote so much I’m going to display it in my office but this time I’m going to write it out in full. I’m not sure writing To… on a Post It™ note is going to motivate me much.

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