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Mrs. Wolowitz has forever destroyed any chance of my enjoying “Wheel of Fortune” ever again.


The Big Bang Theory
If you watch the TV comedy show “The Big Bang Theory” then you are very familiar with the voice (but not the body) of Howard Wolowitz’s mother. In a running gag she is only heard and never seen, so his interactions with her are done through both characters engaging in hilarious shouted question-and-answer conversations. She has a uniquely deep and obnoxious voice that, coupled with the less than flattering comments that Howard makes about her on occasion, leads the audience to imagine a woman of quite large and masculine proportions.


The “Wheel of Fortune” connection
In one episode of the show, Howard and his friends are watching “Wheel of Fortune” while Mrs. Wolowitz spends time in the bathroom. Watching the show together is one of their traditions so, on this occasion, he yells out the characteristics of each puzzle (number of letters, number of words involved in the puzzle etc.) and she yells out her (correct) guess before the contestants do.


My “Wheel of Fortune” connection
When I arrived home this evening the TV was turned on and tuned to the local PBS station so I switched to channel 3 instead (3TV in the Phoenix metro area) and “Wheel of Fortune” was airing. Immediately my mind recalled that scene and I could hear Howard and his mother in my head as they yells back and forth. I may have seen that scene two or three times but that was enough to hardwire a connection for me between both shows.


Why this matters
I was thinking about a related concept recently but just now is when I made a personal connection – I need to create a hardwire connection for myself that causes me to promote NeriumAD whenever I hear key terms or phrases in conversations. I often find myself missing those cues because I have to hear them, identify them as an appropriate cue and then get my plug into the conversation before the moment is lost. If it only took me a couple of viewings of “The Big Bang Theory” to make the “Wheel of Fortune” connection then it should be relatively easy to replicate the process to my advantage.
Have you ever created a mental connection with certain keywords and/or phrases to help you in promoting your business? Comment below and let me know.

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