Today is Sandy’s birthday!

Today is my dog Sandy’s birthday! She turns 3 years old today.

Sandy on my bed on her 3rd birthday

Sandy on my bed this morning

From 10 months to 3 years
When Sandy and I first met she was around 10 months old. She was a rescue, and her name wasn’t my first choice, but it suited her coloring so I stuck with it. I was initially hesitant about bringing her into my home and becoming her pet parent because I had little experience beyond playing with other people’s pets while visiting but I was ready to take that step in my life, and she seemed to like me, so it seemed the right thing to do at the time. It was initially weird to come home each evening and be greeted by her and her brother (my roommate had become a pet parent less than a week before Sandy moved in and I was still getting used to that change) and add dog hugs, a potty break, dog dinner, and poop pick-up to my more usual evening routine. I laugh now when I remember standing outside waiting for both dogs to “go potty” before bedtime but then it was serious business – installing the dog door sometime later was definitely a good idea.

The first time I bathed her was an odd experience for both of us – the tub in my bathroom seemed like a logical choice but, after she jumped out while soaking wet, the shower became the next logical bathing location. I was a nervous wreck on our first vet visit but the staff at Family VetCare here in Chandler are very welcoming and engaging and our vet Dr Travis Wodiske is wonderful with dogs. I was a nervous wreck on our first visit to the local bark park – I wasn’t totally convinced that she would come to me when it was time to leave but she did. Our first walks together were less walks together and more her dragging me around the neighborhood on a leash. That was also how we navigated the PetSmart store each Saturday during basic training classes until I finally got a handle on how to establish myself as the dominant one in our relationship.

my bed on her 3rd birthday

Chilling out because it was cold and rainy this morning, which is unusual for the Chandler area

Sandy and I have come a long way together since our first meeting. I love that she lies on my bed at night and greets me first thing in the morning. I love how she thumps the floor with her paw and tail to indicate when she wants a tummy rub. I love how she occasionally spreads her food on the floor, even though it makes a mess. I love how she gnaws on a hard plastic toy when she gets really excited about something. I love how she runs outside when she hears an ambulance siren and howls in sync with it. I love how she came by just now to say hi before running outside again.

In the 2 years and 2 months that we have been together she has matured, I have matured and, while we’re not yet finishing each other’s sentences, I often know exactly what she is thinking. She’s a wonderful dog and I love her dearly. Happy birthday Sandy!

my bed on her 3rd birthday

Just chilling out this morning on my bed


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