Reading the fine print

Since most advertisements that we are bombarded with 24/7/365 include some form of fine print, disclaimer, or other clarifying and limiting information, it’s likely that we don’t bother taking notice anymore. But yesterday I read something in the fine print of a television commercial that both shocked me and blew me away.

Not an actual patient
The text “Not an actual patient” was the second sentence in the series of small print that appeared at the base of the television screen at the end of the commercial. The product itself was promoting a teeth-strengthening device and aimed squarely at adults. At the conclusion of the commercial the actress flashed a set of teeth that were flawless in their symmetry and coloring but the “Not an actual patient” text gnawed at me for quite some time. If she wasn’t an actual patient then her impressive teeth were not gained from using the product but presumably through other means, so what qualifies her to advertise the product? Why wasn’t an actual patient hired to play the role instead to showcase the true capabilities of the product?

Real people, real results
Nerium™ International is different; you will see the text “Real people, real results” throughout its website because it utilizes the real “before” and “after” pictures of real people to showcase what NeriumAD can will achieve for you. Real people that applied the product at night before bed and washed it off the next morning, as per the product’s usage instructions. No airbrushing applied or needed. Which is one of the reasons I am proud to be an Independent Brand Partner of Nerium™ International; I don’t need to back up the product with any fine print when I can direct people to see for themselves what this product does every day.

Have you seen any recent advertising materials that included disconcerting fine print or product disclaimers? Comment below and let me know.

I’m an Independent Brand Partner of Nerium™ International, I’m eliminating my wrinkles and fine lines effortlessly with NeriumAD, and you’ll always find great information about NeriumAD and Nerium™ International at my website:


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