Do you trust spam filters?

Do you trust your spam filters to work 100% of the time? Or do you spot-check some of the email that ends up in the spam folder to guard against incorrectly tagged messages?


Multiple email addresses = multiple spam folders
With my side business I have a couple of different email addresses that I use. I didn’t start out that way but over time the need for a couple of different email identities made sense. Multiple email addresses also helps to manage the different types of communications that come through from this blog, from Nerium™ International, responses from posts on and other sites through which I promote and sell NeriumAD, etc. Unfortunately, each email address has an associated spam folder; a sad reflection on the quantity of spam email that is generated worldwide in a day. Add a couple of personal email addresses to the mix and the corresponding numbers increase even more.


False positives
False positives are legitimate emails that are flagged inadvertently as spam. In my experience false positives are rarer than they once were as spam detecting capabilities have improved over the years. But automating processes to differentiate between legitimate email and spam is a difficult task and even the standard approaches used are not 100% foolproof. For example, marking an email as spam based on it containing certain keywords is a valid method but some of those keywords will also appear within legitimate emails that should not be blocked as spam.


Checking spam folders
One of my standard processes is to scan the spam folders of my email addresses maybe once every week to check for false positives. Even thought I trust the spam filters to do their job effectively I still like to do what is essentially a second check to verify for false positives.

Do you empty your spam folders without validating the contents or do you also check first for false positives first? Comment below and let me know.


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