31 days of blogs

I made a personal commitment to post a blog post a day every day for the month of January and I made it to my goal – woo hoo!


Blogging isn’t easy
Blogging isn’t easy. It takes an amazing amount of time to decide on a subject, compose the blog post, paste the content into the WordPress window, and set up the various options and tags before publishing it. It’s not exactly a labor or love but it still consumes a significant amount of time to perform. But it’s also a fascinating process because I am seeing life through different eyes; constantly encountering different aspects of my day that cause to wonder if they are events worthy of a blog post that might be of interest to someone.


Next steps
I’ve made it through one continuous month of blogging so I am going to keep the ball rolling through February and see where that takes me.

Have you been following and reading my blog posts throughout the month? Comment below and let me know.


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4 responses to “31 days of blogs

  • Ailish O'Brien

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts every day Chris – it never ceases to amaze me how you come up with the topics to write about. A


  • UltraSexy911

    I admire how you continue to blog. My dedication to blogging died due to my lack of topics to discuss. I only have 8 posts. 2 of my posts have got a lot of views so hopefully sometime in the future I’ll write a few more.
    Keep the blogging going Chris!


    • Shy Witness™

      Thanks man. It’s not easy but I enjoy the activity, and it’s kinda fun how you start seeing events during your day as potential blog ideas. WordPress has a page that suggests a daily blog post idea if you want to use that to kick start your creative blogging juices. Another option is to just pick a subject theme that interests you and use that to drive your blog posts – I know you started down that road when you blogged your thoughts about different world religions. You can create different categories for your blog posts so you could have several different themes going. It’s your blog so should reflect what you care to tell the world.


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