How I earned 30₵

I earned 30₵ quite unexpectedly yesterday from a coworker.


Hard boiled eggs
It all started a couple of months ago with a different co-worker. She had purchased some hard boiled eggs for breakfast one morning in the cafeteria at my full-time job and had paid something like 75₵ or 90₵ or something for each egg. Given that the average cost of a carton of 12 eggs at the grocery store can average between $1-2, the markup by the cafeteria on each egg is outrageous. I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut and expressed my opinion to her about how spending that much money on boiled eggs was crazy; I also suggested to her that I would boil eggs every morning and sell them to her for that kind of money. Luckily for me she has a great sense of humor and is willing to put up with me. 🙂

The egg incident was a running joke for a while, as you can imagine. I don’t think I fall into the miser category or anything, and I believe in the power of capitalism, but there’s marking up prices and there’s marking up prices.


You paid how much?
Fast-forward to earlier this week. Several of my coworkers and I were heading to lunch as a nearby favorite Thai restaurant and one of them mentioned that he was hungry despite having eaten breakfast earlier that morning. I asked what he had eaten and he listed the items that he had purchased. It wasn’t a lot of food and had cost him $5. I should know better but I opened my big mouth again and stated my opinion that he had paid way too much money for what he had gotten in return.


And then I made 30
He came by my cubicle yesterday morning and placed 30₵ on my desk, comprised of 1 quarter and 1 nickel. He said that it represented 10% of what he had paid for breakfast in the cafeteria that morning. So he saved $2 on breakfast and I made 30₵ unexpectedly.

Have you ever earned some cash by commenting on someone’s personal purchases that you considered excessive? Comment below and let me know.


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