Side effects anyone?

Side effects have become acceptable for many of the products that we use, at least if commercials and other advertising mediums are to be believed. When did that trend start?


That product can do WHAT?!
The spark for this blog post was an innocent, and completely unremarkable, Internet search one day recently. I navigated to my favorite search engine website, entered my criteria, and initiated the search. As is common, an animated ad on the right side of the search began to play; its tagline was sufficiently engaging as to catch and hold my attention and I watched the ad play out, so kudos to whatever marketing professional or ad agency designed it. Plus, it was advertising an age-defying skin product and, being that I am an Independent Brand partner of Nerium™ International I’m far more attuned to such product advertisements than I was in the past.

Then the scrolling text in the ad changed to list all of the known side effects of the product and I was blown away. If you have re-purposed a 13th century torture device and turned it into a skin-stretching tool to get similar age-defying effects to those achieved by the Son’a in the Star Trek: Insurrection movie then I can appreciate how headaches and bleeding might be potential side effects; the Son’a didn’t seem to get much enjoyment out of the procedure either. But as side effects of an age-defying product? Headaches and bleeding are side effects of brain surgery! And they were two of the milder side effects that were listed; you don’t want to know what else appeared on that list.


NeriumAD is safe
NeriumAD is safe. Navigate to to read about this important aspect of the NeriumAD product as well as download a copy of the science and safety information package.

Have you seen ads for products whose side effects seemed worse than what they were designed to address? Comment below and let me know.


I’m an Independent Brand Partner of Nerium™ International, I’m eliminating my wrinkles and fine lines effortlessly with NeriumAD, and you’ll always find great information about NeriumAD and Nerium™ International at my website:



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