Life Quotes: #4 in a series

A recent poll on my company’s intranet asked employees to post their life motto. Reading through the list, I found several that resonated with me so I decided to start a blog series based on my thoughts on why those specific quotes struck a chord with me while the others did not. I value your comments on this series; have any of these quotes (or my blog commentary on same) inspired you in any way?


The Life Quote
We are still dealing the aftermath of the most recent recession and the continuing ramifications of some of the banking and other practices that prevailed at that time. Congress and the President continue to battle each other with seemingly little regard for the untold damage that their inability to work together is causing the country (clearly the Sesame Street mantra of “cooperation” was lost on our elected officials as children) and predictions of a double-dip recession are a recurrent theme in the media. So this life quote is very relevant – don’t worry about being employed, worry about being employable.


The concept of being employable, of owning your own employability, is not universal – many people still continue to subscribe to the outdated notion that one is somehow owed a job. The automotive industry is one example of how generations of family members have worked for the same company (and in many cases in the exact same facility) and internalized the practice as somehow normal; the coal mining industry is another. Yet we have seen how the illusion of generational stability within those industries has been shattered in recent decades as the world economy has increasingly embraced technological solutions to reduce costs and increase product volumes.

Losing one’s job is traumatic and not the time to realize that your employability is low to non-existent. It’s also not the time to start thinking about pursuing a degree or industry certification. One of the side benefits of focusing on your employability as a continuous activity is that you will identify that need for further education or certification well in advance of it becoming a career barrier, giving you sufficient lead-time to begin addressing it. A second side benefit is that it will keep you open to new possibilities as they arise – you will be more likely to take on new projects and/or responsibilities if you are more attuned to maintaining your employability.

Do you worry about being employed or do you worry about being employable? Comment below and let me know.


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