Need analytical data?

If you run your own website, you should be gathering analytical data on the site and reviewing it on a regular schedule to see who is visiting your site and what they are doing there.


Data, data, data
Knowing the number of visitors that visited your website in a day, week, month or year is relevant data, but it doesn’t tell you anything close to the whole story. For example, how many of those visitors were unique visitors and how many were repeat visitors (i.e. people that had previously visited your website and have returned for a second look). While new visitors are valuable, repeat visitors may represent a larger portion of your potential revenue stream and as such may require more of your attention.

Analyze where your site visitors are coming from – are they going directly to your website or being referred to it through a search engine or link from another site? The answer to that question might help you to determine how you spend your advertising budget. If you can correlate your traffic to your current advertising methods then you can better refine those efforts and increase the flow of traffic using advertising methods that are clearing working for you.


Getting analytical data
There are many different ways to get analytical data on your website. Your website hosting company may already be generating this data for you and making it available in your back office so that should be the first place to start. Another option is to set up an account with Google Analytics  or StatCounter to name but two companies that specialize in website analytics.

How are you using analytic data to understand how customers are reaching your website? Comment below and let me know.


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