Life is weird

I was digging through boxes in the garage a few weeks and pulled out a stack of old paperwork from years past. In the midst of the stack was an insurance quote cover letter from a property and casualty insurance company for a house that I almost purchased back in 2002.


Not lucky in house buying
Some people are unlucky in love, I seem to be unlucky in house-buying. The first house I purchased was located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and was broken into sometime between the time I closed on the home and when I began to move in. Whoever engaged in the crime did some damage, including breaking a window in the bathroom to gain access to the home, breaking a mirror in the bathroom (bummer on the 7 years of bad luck with that one), pulled the doors off their hinges in the master bedroom etc. It was all cosmetic damage for sure but the psychological damage was too much to bear and I put the property back on the market.

In the July 2001 I signed a contract with a new home builder, picked out my lot, chose the elevation design, and indicated where I wanted the phone and cable connections to be installed. Then September 11th happened and things slowed down. By February of 2002 I bailed on the contract; they builder was STILL unwilling to give me a firm date on when they would begin construction on my house. Several years later, after phase 2 of the subdivision had been sold and construction completed, the final lots that were built upon included the lot that I had chosen. And there are several other home-buying attempts that just didn’t pan out for some reason.


Leave the past in the past
Leaving the past I the past is always a good strategy every now and then a reminder of it pops into your life, and that insurance quote cover letter was a recent example of same for me. It has lain on my desk since I found it in the garage as I was curious to look up the address on Google Maps and see how it looks after all these years. But a part of me also wanted to throw the paperwork away without reviewing it, to leave the past in the past. Today I picked up the letter, opened Google Maps, and looked at what could have been my home.

Has something from your past come back to haunt you recently? Comment below and let me know.


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