Associating tasks

You likely have a set of tasks that must be performed on a regular schedule, like daily, weekly, monthly etc. But how do you ensure that they all get done when they are due?


Associating tasks
Associating tasks is one method that I use to ensure that what needs to get done actually does get accomplished on schedule. For example, Wednesday is trash pickup day in my neighborhood so I have associated a series of tasks to each Tuesday night. I typically start in the kitchen where I ensure that all of the kitchen trash is in the large trash bag in the kitchen, and then I empty all of the trash containers that are distributed throughout the house and garage into that bag. I then pick up any dog poop that has been “deposited” since my last poop pickup (with 2 dogs that is an ongoing task), and I place all of the accumulated garbage in the main trash can, which I then drag outside to the curb.

also put 2 chlorine tablets in the pool to ensure that the pool stays healthy. There are also a couple of other weekly tasks that I add to my Tuesday night routine. Indeed, I’ve been doing this routine for so long that it has become second nature to me. Needed stuff gets done and I don’t have to think about it.


Daily and monthly routines
I also have a daily routine where, as I write my blog post, I also check email in my business email accounts, return phone calls, check voicemails, and perform other daily business-related tasks. Again, by associating certain business-related tasks together I ensure that they get done consistently.

I also have monthly tasks; my dog Sandy, for example, gets a heart worm medication monthly. To ensure that she stayed on a schedule I designated the first day of each month as her medication day. When that day rolls around she gets her medication and I never have to wonder if we’ve missed a month (although I do have a recurring calendar reminder on my phone too; some tasks are just too important).

Do you associate tasks in similar fashion? Comment below and let me know.



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