Pondering change

I saw an online ad this morning that read something like “The world has changed from how it was five minutes ago”. That’s an amazing thing to ponder.


Change is constant
I have been watching air fares recently in anticipation of international travel that I will be making later this year and it’s amazing to watch how quickly fares and flight options change over a day. I’ve also been reading numerous news articles related to the slew of questions and issues that the Catholic Church has not had to deal with for hundreds of years that are suddenly of vital concern following the pope’s recent resignation announcement. The meteorite that crashed into central Russia last week was completely unexpected and has surely changed the lives of those who experienced it. The videos of the strike itself and the following sonic boom are incredible to watch but to have actually been there and lived through it is unimaginable. And those are just a few recent examples of how the stability that we think we surround ourselves with is just an illusion. In five minutes life as we know it can have changed completely.


Manage those five minutes
One way of mitigating the change that will happen over the next five minutes is to manage it – change is inevitable but that doesn’t preclude you from being one of the change agents. You can wait passively to see how the world will look in five minutes or you can participate actively in the process. And participating in the change is always more fun.

How do you engage with change? Comment below and let me know.



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