Life Quotes: #5 in a series

A recent poll on my company’s intranet asked employees to post their life motto. Reading through the list, I found several that resonated with me so I decided to start a blog series based on my thoughts on why those specific quotes struck a chord with me while the others did not. I value your comments on this series; have any of these quotes (or my blog commentary on same) inspired you in any way?


The Life Quote
We all have dreams and desires for our lives, but sometimes those dreams don’t seem to pan out and we abandon them without question. So the quote “Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. (KT Witten)” was a timely wake-up call for me.


Have you ever noticed how many things in our modern lives have expiration dates? Food expiration dates are naturally assumed but electronic devices have inbuilt obsolescence, certain employment positions have a natural preferred age range, sports careers are considered finished beyond a certain age range etc. The standard retirement age remains 65 even though many individuals retiring at that age have much more to contribute to the workplace. Why is it acceptable to stamp an arbitrary expiration date on a dream and expect everyone to comply?

The wonderful thing about dreams is that you can indeed take a deep breath and try again. It takes a little courage to do so but you take between 12-20 breaths every minute anyway so you have the needed skills. Just remind yourself of your abandoned dream, let that old excitement flood your senses, then take a deep breath and go for it.



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