Want a FREE website?

You are not “tech savvy” but you want to create a website regardless. Oh, and you don’t have a budget to purchase a domain name or hire a web designer to create the site for you. What are your options?


Web 2.0
Does the term Web 2.0 exist anymore? It seems like the expression was on everyone’s lips just a couple of years ago but I rarely encounter it now. Anyway, one of the wonderful aspects of the Web 2.0 era was the proliferation of free website creation tools that were available to anyone. The only caveat was that you had to accept some advertising that was either incorporated into your free content or that promoted the company that was providing the free content. In some instances the advertising was more blatant than subtle but choice is a wonderful thing – you can always try something else.


Finding a free website
The easiest way to find resources that offer free websites is to type some derivation of the words free website into your favorite search engine. Or you can check out sites like yola.com, weebly.com, webs.com, wix.com and so on – the options are vast. Then peruse these sites and see what they offer – some may have more limitations than others, some may showcase examples of what can be done with their software, and some may have pay-to-use options that will be of interest to you.

Many (if not all) of the “create a free website” companies offer easy-to-use templates that feature drag-and-drop functionality; in other words you select a template that you like and then add, move, and/or delete screen elements by dragging and dropping them onscreen. Some may limit the number of pages that you can have in your free site while others will limit the size of the site based on the amount of content (text, images, videos etc.) that you include. As with everything else in life you should read the fine print and understand the limitations within which you will need to operate.

Have you created a free website? Comment below and let me know.



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