Choosing Do Not Track

There are several different browsers available for navigating the Internet, and many different versions of same, but the newest versions allow you to set a Do Not Track preference.

Every browser is different
Every browser is configured differently so it’s practically impossible to write a series of steps that everyone can use to set their Do Not Track preference. Indeed, you will often find significant differences between different versions of the same browser when it comes to setting different browsing options. But taking the time to set a Do Not Track preference is one step toward protecting yourself and you browsing habits. When you visit a website, many will track your browsing habits in order to gather data on what areas of the sites you accessed, how long you stayed in those areas, if you returned to a certain page or product listing etc. Unfortunately a website is not required to honor your Do Not Track preference, so you still have to remain diligent whenever you spend time online.

Setting Do Not Track preferences
You have a couple of options available to you if you want to set a Do Not Track preference. One way is to look in the browser settings of your browser for a check box marked Do Not Track; clicking that check box will select it and set your preference not to be tracked when you visit websites.

Another option is to use this Microsoft Do Not Track Test Page  that will determine which browsers you have installed on your computer, their version number, and whether or not you have set a Do Not Track preference for any of them (it’s not uncommon to have 2 or more web browsers installed on a computer). In addition, the page also features instructions on how to set a Do Not Track preference for certain browser types.

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