Land and learn, then assess

If you are reworking your advertising efforts then taking a land and learn, then assess approach might be something to consider.


Advertising is not easy
Advertising is not easy, and if you are a small business owner or run your own home-based business then your budget constraints will likely weigh heavily on your advertising decisions. Even writing an ad for the classified section of your local newspaper can be difficult and analysis paralysis an ever present danger, where you become so focused on the analysis phase that you become incapable of moving forward. Posting ads on free sites like and, creating flyers for neighborhood distribution, posters to be attached to public lampposts, and business cards to be distributed freely all require a different writing style in order to be effective. It’s enough to drive the average person insane.


Land and learn, then assess
A land and learn, then assess methodology is one way of avoiding analysis paralysis. By creating and distributing your item (be it product sample, advertising material, or other item) and then assessing its impact you can gather invaluable data. What you land may be a complete disaster but the data that you gather, be it verbal comments from potential customers, a dearth of responses or whatever the response turns out to be for your particular circumstances, you can then assess that real data and determine where modifications need to occur. Following your second land and learn, then assess iteration you should be very close to perfection.

Do you currently use a land and learn, then assess methodology? Comment below and let me know.



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