Different browser, different button

I had an interesting situation at work recently. Two coworkers were using the same web-based application and on a particular screen one coworker was seeing a button titled <Browse…> while for the other coworker the button in that location was titled <Choose Files>! How weird is that?


Age of miracles and wonders
Part of my job responsibilities involve providing technical support on the web-based application in question, but this particular issue had me baffled. How could the same button appear differently to two different people? We may live in an age of miracles and wonders but software is logical and not prone to pulling odd stunts like that. I logged into the web-based application, accessed the same window and also encountered the mysterious <Choose Files> button, which baffled me because it has always appeared as a <Browse…> button for me in the past.

Luckily my other coworkers are very accommodating so I rounded up a couple of them and asked them to access the window to determine which button they could see. They all saw the expected <Browse…> button, so the mystery deepened further.

It took me a few more tests but I FINALLY figured out what was causing the <Choose Files> button to appear as it had.


And the cause was…
The cause of the mysterious <Choose Files> button appearance was the browser that the coworker was using! While most of us prefer to use Firefox when utilizing the web-based application in question she was using Chrome, and for whatever reason Chrome was supplanting the <Browse…> button with its own <Choose Files> button.

Have you encountered similar baffling browser-based issues? Comment below and let me know.



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