Terminology (part 3)

The other side of the terminology discussion involves using industry standard terms of a particular industry with  those unfamiliar with the industry. Such terms and acronyms may make perfect sense to you and other industry professionals but to the rest of us it sounds like you are speaking some form of shorthand gibberish.


Corporate speak
We make fun of corporate speak all the time, but within the corporate environment those terms, acronyms and abbreviations make perfect sense. Indeed, after a while the acronyms and abbreviations become so inherent to one’s vocabulary that they become normal words, which is why most corporate employees pause for a second when you ask then what a particular acronym or abbreviation actually stands for – they have to recall that information from some dark recess in their mind. So it’s always interesting to see how much of that corporate speak and standard industry terms seep into a company’s advertising and promotional materials. Inclusion within industry-specific periodicals and other publications makes sense – such media shouldn’t dilute their industry-specific content just in case someone unfamiliar with the industry happens upon a copy and chooses to peruse it casually. But for mainstream materials and general publications those terms, acronyms and abbreviations really need to be weeded out and replaced with more common language.


Speaking with customers
That advice on limiting corporate speak in printed and web-based materials also applies equally to talking with potential contacts and existing customers Potential contacts may have zero knowledge of your company and its products and existing customers may not be fully up to speed on the appropriate terms either. You don’t have to dumb it down but you do have to be cautious in how you introduce your product, company, and business opportunity. Even if your product or company is well-established in the marketplace and the need for your product(s) and/or service(s) is obvious, you can still lose your potential audience if you alienate them with your words. That’s one reason I like being an Independent Brand Partner of Nerium™ International; we all have fine lines and wrinkles that we want to reduce and I can just point to my face as an example of what is possible. No confusing terminology needed.

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