Digital transition

I started planning to purchase a new laptop starting maybe October of last year. I finally completed the process a couple of weeks ago, and both the new laptop and Windows® 8 have been quite the transition.


First the technical specs
The laptop is a Samsung™ touch screen Ultrabook™ running Windows® 8 on an Intel® Core™ I5 microprocessor (the Series 5 Ultra if you want to check it out on the Samsung™ website. I knew I wanted either an Intel® Core™ I5 or Intel® Core™ I7, and I had been drooling over the Ultrabook™ designs but otherwise I was open on whatever met my budget. So I did a lot of searching, in-store evaluations, and finally settled on the machine that I purchased.

I came really close to purchasing an Ultrabook™ running Windows® 7 on an Intel® Core™ I7 microprocessor because it was within my budget but decided that it made sense to go the newer Windows® 8 route rather than stick with the known, but older, operating system. Only time will tell if that was the correct decision.


Digital transitions are tough
While I typically enjoy booting new computers for the first time, this experience has been a little different. The Windows® 8 interface is very different, for one thing, and having a touch screen added to the mix adds an additional level of complexity because I’m trying to leverage the touch screen versus connecting a mouse and keyboard. I’ve used touch screen devices before but never on a laptop so that’s been different too – it feels odd reaching over the keyboard to touch the screen. But it’s a transition and I know that I’ll get used to it all in time. At the very least it’s a huge step up from my old laptop which had become so slow as to be practically painful to use.

As Jeff Olson says, you have to slow down to go fast and I’m understanding what he means. Once I get used to this new configuration my productivity will be higher than it was previously. And that’s the hidden value of any transition; it can be tough initially but over time the benefits far outweigh the pain and inconvenience.


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