Defective lamp

I purchased 2 identical lamps from an online retailer last Sunday and both items arrived this evening. Sadly, one is defective and must now be returned for replacement.


In case you are wondering, I did extensive basic troubleshooting to determine that the lamp is defective. I tested the same bulb in both lamps so I know that the bulb is functioning correctly. I also plugged both lamps in turn into the same socket, so I know that the socket is functioning correctly. The only other piece of the equation is the threaded socket into which one screws the bulb, so that has to be the point of failure for the defective lamp.


The threaded socket
In case you are wondering, I investigated the threaded socket and it appears to be a molded piece that is then screwed into the metal part of the lamp structure. There is a label on the socket so any attempts to interfere with it will damage the label, so its positioning was clearly no accident.


Return policy
In case you are wondering, I have already checked the online retailer’s website for their return policy and it’s straightforward-enough. No indication of what the average turnaround time is but at least the process only consists of a few easily-performed steps so it shouldn’t be much of a pain to deal with.


Update: The lamp works!
I decided to return to the scene of the crime and mess with the threaded socket a little more (it’s a guy thing) and it’s now working! Am guessing that a wire was loose or something. ‘Least now I don’t have to go through the hassle of retuning it, but I think I will mess with it a little more tomorrow to determine if I should replace the cord and the threaded socket completely. It is a metal lamp after all…


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