Life Quotes: #6 in a series

A recent poll on my company’s intranet asked employees to post their life motto. Reading through the list, I found several that resonated with me so I decided to start a blog series based on my thoughts on why those specific quotes struck a chord with me while the others did not. I value your comments on this series; have any of these quotes (or my blog commentary on same) inspired you in any way?


The Life Quote
I was born in a part of the world that sees far more than its fair share of rain, so the life quote “Life is not about how to weather the storm but how to dance in the rain” initially sounded like a crazy attitude – rain is to be avoided though the use of an umbrella. But I do understand the deeper meaning.


I remember being at a grocery store once with a friend of mine. When we left the store we saw that it was raining heavily and a group of unprepared shoppers were gathered underneath the store’s canopy waiting for the storm to pass and the rain to cease. Initially my friend and I took the same approach but then I reevaluated my thought process and ventured out into the rain instead. It was exhilarating. Yeah I got soaked practically immediately but that’s all the rain was able to do to me – once saturated my clothes could not absorb any more water and it poured off me harmlessly. I couldn’t do anything about the storm but I could do something about how I incorporated the reality of the storm in my life. I don’t dance despite the weather but that day, in the rain, I thought about it.



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