Two birds, one stone

In an e-mail yesterday I used the expression “killing two birds with one stone” as an analogy of how the recipient’s suggestion would achieve two goals simultaneously. In brackets I then commented that I was not promoting the killing of birds but rather advocating for the conservation of stones.


A new perspective
I thought it was funny but she didn’t reference it in her reply e-mail so I guess it wasn’t all that impressive a line. So I decided to use it as the subject of a blog post and inflict it on even more people <insert evil laugh here>.

On a serious note though, sometimes looking at something from a different angle can give you a different perspective on life. Yesterday morning I learned that a cherished coworker had suffered a stroke and had been hospitalized. In an instant all of my worries about my projects, overflowing email inbox, project deadlines etc. lost some of the implied urgency and importance. Project requirements may come and go but something like a stroke is not so easily dismissed or reallocated to a different product release date.



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