I got a haircut recently, my usual 5 on top and 1 on the sides and back. Its low maintenance and it works for me so I don’t have any reason to change it up anytime soon. And that with recent haircut I got a reminder of the effect of The Slight Edge on everything in life.


Not symmetrical
When I got home I noticed that the left side of the cut was not symmetrical with the right side. It looks mostly ok and not overly noticeable, but there was a slight protrusion where there shouldn’t have been one. By then I was home and not about to drive back to the location to have the hair dresser make the needed adjustment ‘cause it just seemed to broad a reaction to something that wasn’t that noticeable to begin with. Maybe others would go back (“you paid for a haircut so it should be to your liking”) but it was late in the evening and I had other things that I needed to attend to that evening, so I blew it off. It was still here the next morning but at that point I was headed out the door to work but it was likely more in my head than on my head so I didn’t both to do anything further.


Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Bob…take your pick
Within a week the slight error was still there, and was growing out along with the rest of my hair. It still wasn’t overly unbalanced in the great scheme of things, and no-one had pointed at me and laughed because of it, but it was starting to loom large. Not quite on par with the hairstyles of Krusty the Clown or Sideshow Bob for sure but it was starting to become more noticeable.  It seemed to protrude more if my head was slightly turned to one side so I tried keeping my head from moving into that position – do you know how difficult that is to pull off consistently?

It took me another couple of weeks before I decided that it was time to repair the issue and get a fresh haircut and another week before I actually made it happen. By then I was anticipating a phone call from both Krusty the Clown or Sideshow Bob’s lawyers demanding me to cease my poor imitation of their client’s trademark coifs. The relief was palpable as the hairdresser (a different hairdresser) applied her shears to the left side of my head and removed the offending hair bulge.

If I had followed the discipline of The Slight Edge I would have addressed the issue that evening when I uncovered it and saved myself an unnecessary escalation of the issue (and its corresponding stress and workarounds) that were spread over several weeks. Once you start to look The Slight Edge is everywhere around you.



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