Personal priority

I am very much a left-brain person, for the most part. I prefer order and logic over ambiguity. I can handle aimless driving as long as there is a known end destination, and in most instances I can relax and chill out a little more once I have analyzed the situation in a spreadsheet or completed other tasks that held a personal priority. I rarely find myself in disagreement with Mr. Spock while watching a Star Trek episode or movie; their national dress leaves a lot to be desired but their views on the absolute purity of logical thought are spot-on. Right-brained creativity can be fun at times but in most instances emotions are mostly unnecessary and straight lines are preferred over curved ones. Case in point: my roommate just asked me if I were interested in “wandering out in search of some lunch” and my first reaction was to pepper him with questions regarding timeframes. I can’t help it, this is how I am – I’m actively writing a blog post so that activity has a higher personal priority to me than aimlessly searching for lunch in a city of restaurants.


Playing Spiders
Left-side brain thinking is a wonderful thing but sometimes the dearth of right-brained creativity in the equation causes an unbalance, and the logic becomes far too logical for its own god. At such times it manifests as an overwhelming feeling of having so much to do, each with its own personal priority rating, that it becomes practically impossible to determine where to start. That’s where Spiders comes into play…the computer card game, not the eight-legged critters. It’s a wonderful mix of right-brained creativity with simple but logical rules that dictate play. There is something about playing that simple game that helps my brain differentiate between all of the tasks and sort them in descending personal priority order. Maybe the cards in the game represent the tasks, and the process of moving the cards in logical order onscreen helps my brain perform the same task. Regardless of how it works a few games of Spiders does the trick every time to get my left brain realigned and back to its Vulcan roots.



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