I was working on my Ultrabook™ on a recent Sunday morning while the local Fox affiliate ran a teen-orientated program on the TV in the background. A segment caught my attention so I paid a little more attention; it was a class on budgeting being taught to teens where each teen was to create a budget for their upcoming prom. By using a case study that had value to the teens, their understanding of the concepts of the class was more apparent. In the interviews at the end of the end of the segment the students indicated how they now understood the point of budgeting and having to spend sensibly in order to plan for the future.


The station then went to a commercial break and the first commercial was for a payday-type company advertising how easy it was for anyone to walk in the doors and request a cash loan. Maybe the positioning of the commercial was purely coincidental but its ability to undercut the positive message of the segment immediately preceding it was stark. A similar commercial has not played n any subsequent commercial break for the past hour, again purely coincidental I’m sure.


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