Cutting grass

Cutting grass is a weekend task for me. I am busy during the week so tackling the task at the weekend works well. However, now that I’m back in school, cutting grass now has to battle textbook reading and research for my precious weekend hours. A week ago I needed to concentrate on a particularly complicated paper so pushed the glass cutting task to Monday evening. Given that I live in Arizona, it was hot outside as I got started even as the sun went down.

Weekend grass cutting is a very different experience to Monday evening grass cutting, and I met more of my neighbors. I also met a young business representative, who was taking a very unusual approach to promoting his business opportunity. Wearing a polo shirt with the company’s logo (a well-known satellite provider) and carrying a clipboard with some company promotional information, he was simply walking through the neighborhood looking to talk with anyone that was out and about.

It was a different approach, and complemented nicely the junk mail that the company had been mailing for weeks. We talked briefly (after he walked past twice, and complemented my grass cutting efforts both times, I figured he was doing compliance for the Home Owner Association or something) and he made the comment that he hadn’t solicited me because he respected that I was busy. I thought that was cool; I have no interest in switching to satellite television (I don’t watch that much television to begin with) but if I had been considering it his approach would have engaged me to talk with him more. By not pushing his business he created an environment that encouraged questions about his business. Novel approach huh.


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