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I have blogged in the past about going back to school and pursuing a degree as an adult, so earlier this year I decided I needed to take my own advise. I have always been interested in aviation so finally settled on a Master of Aeronautical Science (MAS) degree offered by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). My first class started at the end of May and I’m now finishing up week 2 of my third class. How the time has flown already but I have learned so much.

Being back at school isn’t easy; I should know because I completed my bachelors degree as an adult and then started into my first master’s degree shortly thereafter. It’s not easy working full-time and managing 3 dogs at home (it used to be 2 dogs until recently) plus having the normal challenges and activities of an adult without having to find on average 10-15 hours of quiet time that can be dedicated to study. But it’s possible to make it happen; we all like to say “where there’s a will there’s a way” but putting it into practice is a little harder.

It was easier to study when I lived alone in an apartment and didn’t have a dog in my life, but you manage, and you find ways to carve out the time you need for each week’s activities. For example, when there were just 2 dogs they were quite happy to crash out on the floor of my home office at night while I read my assigned chapters or worked on a paper or other writing assignment – in essence we were all going to school. But the new dog needs a little more supervision right now as he learns what’s a toy and what’s not, and what part of the house doubles as a canine bathroom in an emergency (hint: no part). But I’m done with my week 2 activities so clearly I was able to get everything done, so it’s possible. Substitute dogs for children and the challenges are a little different but it’s still a constant struggle of balancing school and life. But it can be done, and there are millions of us around the world doing it every day.

So how about you? Do you have a long-abandoned degree that you’ve always wanted to finish but couldn’t? If you are still breathing then you have the means at hand to complete the program and finally graduate. So stop putting it off and start studying – it’s tough work and requires some life rearranging, but you’ll never regret doing it.



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