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Squeaky wheel

Several weeks ago I logged an issue with the City of Chandler regarding a traffic sign. The sign has been incorrect for months following a road-widening project that the city completed on that section for surface road late last year. Essentially, the sign indicated that the right lane merged into the left lane but in reality it was actually the left lane that merged into the right.

I don’t who messed up and installed the incorrect street sign to begin with, and I obviously don’t know if the correct road sign was on backorder or otherwise on someone’s radar to be fixed. What I do know is that the incorrect sign annoyed me from day one, that I saw several accidents almost happen as drivers in the left lane suddenly realized that they needed to merge to the right immediately, and that I never did anything about having the sign error corrected. Until several weeks ago, that is, when I finally took a couple of minutes out of my busy day to log the issue in the appropriate section of the city’s website.

On my commute home this evening I noticed that the incorrect sign has been removed and the correct sign installed. So I’m feeling a little proud of myself. I didn’t rescue a damsel in distress or perform some other act of heroism, but because of my efforts my daily commute is now a little safer.

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it, but when it is broken the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease. 

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