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Weeding manually

As a kid, I hated weeding with a passion. Mostly it was because I had no interest in weeding or gardening or being outside in general. I much preferred to read a book or watch TV. Additionally, I had no vested interest in the activity. As far as I was concerned, it was my dad’s vegetable garden and weeding any part of it gave me no satisfaction or personal pride. Plus, it seemed like such a pointless activity because within days the weed-free areas would be choked with weeds again.

As an adult with my own home, I actually enjoy weeding. Luckily, weeds don’t have much opportunity to grow (or thrive) in the hot Arizona sun, but this spring seems to have arrived quite early and weeds seem to be popping up everywhere. I pulled weeds two weeks ago and practically filled a grocery bag, and earlier today I filled half of a grocery bag weeding the same areas of the property!

I realize that I could simply spray the ground with a weed-killing product, but with three dogs I am hesitant to use liquid chemicals where they might come into contact with any weed killer residue. Plus, I have discovered a certain sense of satisfaction when I look up from my work and see how I’ve cleared an area of weeds. I have used liquid weed-killing sprays in the past but spraying a weed takes about as much time and effort as pulling it out of the ground and, unlike spraying, the area is weed-free when I am done with it. In contrast, it typically takes a weed-killing product several hours to kill a weed, and dead weeds seem to take forever to disappear. Pulling a weed removes it in a couple of seconds. I get outside, I get some fresh air, and I finish the project with a strong sense of personal satisfaction as a job well done.

That’s why I weed manually.

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