Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to help pack a friend’s personal belongings as they prepare for an upcoming move to a new city and new apartment, and I was very intrigued by the variance of items that they have collected and retained over the years. I’m sure that every item has its own story or associated memory, or once had value that has long since dissipated.

The experience led me to think about how someone might feel if they were helping to pack up my personal belongings. What items hold value for me that would seem like just another piece of junk to them? I try not to be a packrat, and I go through my accumulated “stuff” on occasion to see what has since outlived its usefulness, but I’m now curious about how many items have managed to survive those occasional purges when they should have been used, recycled, donated, or simply thrown away years ago?

If something has remained unseen in a box in my garage for several years, does it still have sufficient “sentimental value” that justifies its continued residency or is it a candidate for appropriate disposal?


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