Three dogs eating

I returned from a two-day business trip last evening, and made it home from the airport approximately 7:20pm. Usually, I strive to serve dinner to Sandy, Max, and Morgan (aka the three dogs in the house) around 6:30pm in a routine I lovingly call “doggy dinner”, so they were ready to eat immediately after we finished reacquainting with lots of hugging, licking, and barking. I scurried about getting all of the constituent dinner elements together while they took their usual positions about the kitchen. As they waited patiently for me to finish my work and serve the fruit of my labor, I engaged them in pre-dinner banter (yeah, I am completely insane when I am within 10 feet or less of a dog).

After serving dinner, I stood back and listened to the sounds of the three eating, and I realized that it is a very comforting sound. Regardless of the stress of the day, and whatever craziness might be happening in the background, the sound of them eating dinner is one of the most satisfying sounds ever.

As long as I can pull doggy dinner together, and they are happy to eat it, my life is complete.


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