New foster

On June 8, I took a step into the unknown and submitted an application to the Arizona Poodle Rescue ( to become a new volunteer foster parent. Less than 24 hours less, I was approved and picking up my first foster, namely a 7-week old Standard Poodle male that I have named Rusty.

Rusty in pen

Rusty is an adorable dog. He is a typical puppy, full of energy and enthusiasm about life, curious about everything that he encounters, and likely to have an accident at any time. His first night was fun; he needed a bathroom break at 1:25am and at 3:45am, and was ready to start his day at 5:15am. He is starting his crate training and is doing well, although he is reluctant to enter it unless it is a mealtime.

Sandy and Morgan, the two adult dogs in the house, are still getting used to having a puppy in the house, but they are adjusting. Sandy has already reinforced her position as alpha, and Morgan is getting used to his new role as big brother.

Rusty and Sandy at the RV gate

Morgan is also a Standard Poodle, so I am hoping that he will be able to pass on some skills to this new Standard Poodle puppy.

Rusty and Morgan

Rusty has already figured out how to use the door dog to get back into the house from the outside, so that is a huge accomplishment for him. Now he needs to learn how to use it to get outside, but that will come in time. Right now, he is sound asleep in his pen, exhausted by his many adventures of the past 24 hours.


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