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New foster: Ricky

My latest foster is a male Standard Poodle named Ricky.


He was one of twelve Standard Poodles that a local breeder surrendered to the Arizona Poodle Rescue group. Although weighing 47.8lb, he is painfully thin. He also moved very slowly, as if he were struggling with joint pain. I began fostering him a week ago today.

Within a few minutes of coming into the house, he climbed up on the couch in the family room and essentially made it his space.


Since then, he has become more likely to lie on the tile or carpeting somewhere, but the couch is still his favorite spot.



Within the last couple of days, he has been jumping up on the couch, which is great to see, because originally he had been dragging himself onto the couch as if it hurt to do so.


His energy level is higher than it was when I first began fostering him, but he still moves slowly at times, so I have started him on Cosequin to see if that will help. I also checked his weight at the vet office this afternoon, and his weight was 47.9lb, which is discouraging because he is eating three meals a day and has been for several days now. He won’t eat hard kibble, so he is eating soft food such as canned dog food and Freshpet.

He is very even-tempered, and clearly enjoys being petting.


New foster: Paddy

My second foster for the Arizona Poodle Rescue group was a male Standard Poodle/Wheaten Terrier mix named Paddy.

paddy-outside-on-the-grassHe was about eighteen months old and was a sweet, high-energy, dog. I was scheduled to pick him up from the groomers, so I brought my dog Sandy with me because she is the alpha dog in the household and more likely to have issues with a new dog in the house. However, they got along ok, so I loaded them into the back seat of my pickup truck and headed home. Halfway home, Paddy decided that he wanted to sit in my lap, so I spend the remainder of the drive trying to relocate him back into the backseat while keeping my eyes on the road.


Paddy had an interesting story. The Arizona Poodle Rescue group rescued him from the county animal shelter on a Sunday, and I began fostering him the following Thursday morning. On Thursday evening, I received an adoption application for him, so I called the potential adopter and we began to talk. Unbelievably, she and her husband had initially seen Paddy on the county shelter’s website and had decided to adopt him, but he was no longer available when they arrived at the shelter.


Her husband was on a business trip back east but noticed Paddy listed on the Arizona Poodle Rescue group’s page on PetFinder so he sent the listing to his wife, and she submitted the subsequent application.

She came by the house on Friday morning to meet Paddy, they hit it off and, on Sunday, we completed the adoption and delivered Paddy to his new forever home. So glad my second foster also found his way home.


Final Rusty update

Somehow it’s September 21 – where did the intervening time go?

An update on Rusty – he found his forever home, and is living happily with his new mom, dad, and older sister. He is about 36lb now, and is learning his commands, so he is doing great. His new parents are a perfect fit for him, and he gets along great with his sister. So glad to report that my first foster was a success.


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