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Ricky, my current Standard Poodle foster, was adopted today…by me. Yes, I am now officially a “foster failure”.

It was never my intention to adopt another dog; I have my hands full with Sandy, my Golden Retriever/Yellow Labrador mix, but there is something special about Ricky. He is such a sweet dog, and is getting along well with Sandy and Morgan (the other Standard Poodle in the house).



Unfortunately, he has a Class V heart murmur, and the right side of his heart is slightly enlarged, so he may have health issues later in life, but he’s not letting those issues slow him down much. He is still on three meals a day, but is now eating significant amounts at each meal, which is keeping his energy levels up throughout the day. He went to the groomer for the first time last Saturday and behaved perfectly, so will be on the 4-week grooming rotation that is currently in place for Morgan.

Right now, he is asleep in the dog bed in my home office. I guess getting adopted takes a lot out of a young dog.


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