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New foster: Teddy

My latest foster (i.e. foster #5) is a six-month-old male Standard Poodle puppy named Teddy. He was secured from a breeder in Central Phoenix yesterday afternoon (Sunday, November 6) by the Arizona Poodle Rescue group and I picked him up from them yesterday evening in Tempe.


Teddy is a sweet dog. He was incredibly shy at first, and was too large for the crate that I brought with me, so he rode on the floor of the passenger seat of my pickup truck, but he started coming out of his shell about halfway to the house. By the time we reached the house he was settled comfortably into the passenger seat and wasn’t too impressed with having to exit the truck and walk on the cold concrete floor of the garage.

My laundry room makes for a great “meet-and-greet” space when introducing new fosters into the house; its positioning as a closed space between the garage and the kitchen acts like an airlock where the new foster can enter from the garage and be isolated in the space so they can begin to sample the smells (and noises) of the house and the other dogs in the house while safely behind the kitchen door. With the kitchen door open, the rectangular shape of the space limits how many of the dogs can crowd the new arrival at one time, and the door to the garage offers an easy escape back into the garage if the initial meeting does not go as hoped.


Last night, Teddy seemed ok with both Sandy and Ricky sniffing him and saying hello, but he growled at Morgan each time Morgan came too close. They interacted without issue later but Teddy, for some reason Teddy, tries to maintain a healthy distance from Morgan whenever he can. If you know Morgan, you know he can be very puppy-like on occasion, and is often hesitant to interact with strangers and other dogs, so Teddy’s reaction to him is very puzzling. Maybe Teddy had a prior bad experience with a brown-haired dog perhaps.

Regardless, his confidence level increased visibly throughout the evening, he slept in a pen last night without issue, and ate breakfast this morning. He’s currently lying under the kitchen table asleep as I write this, so things are going well thus far. Teddy’s bio will be posted to the Arizona Poodle Rescue group’s dedicated page on PetFinder later this week, so if you are interested in adopting a sweet male Standard Poodle puppy that will enrich your life, submit an application to adopt Teddy through the PetFinder page.


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