4 outta 5

On Saturday last (December 10) at a PACC911-coordinated event in Scottsdale, Teddy (my foster #5) found his forever home when he was adopted by a sweet lady from Tucson. She has two other dogs, so he will have playmates. Both the human and canine residents of the house miss him, as he was an energizing force and always up to something.

So four of my five fosters have now found their way to their forever home, except for Kininky (my foster #4). An amazing couple in Gilbert is currently fostering him, and his seizures are fully under control with his current medication. He’s such a sweet dog that deserves to find his way home. If you are looking for an easy-going dog that loves to be held, you need to submit an adoption application for Kininky.

At the event on Saturday, both Teddy and Kininky were hanging out together in a pen (Teddy is the dog on the left).



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