Coco update

Very pleased to announce that my current foster Coco was adopted on Thursday (January 26) by a couple in Sedona. They live primarily in Palm Springs and spend occasional time at their Sedona home, so Coco will get to ride in a vehicle for several long journeys a year, which is an activity he thoroughly enjoys. They have had a dog in their lives since 1974, so they have a lot of accumulated behavioral knowledge to draw upon, and they are enjoying having him in their lives.


The drive to Sedona was very enjoyable, and Coco sat (and slept) in the front passenger seat for most of it. We took a badly needed bathroom break at the I-17 rest stop that is located two miles before the Highway 179 intersection, and Coco was very vocal as he ran around and enjoyed the incredible scenery and the chillier temperature. Tomorrow (Sunday) he heads to Palm Springs with his new parents so he will have a new home and backyard to explore.

Coco was one of my most difficult fosters, given his unique background, special needs, and difficulty existing with the three other dogs. When he is away from other dogs, and hanging with people he likes and trusts, he is so relaxed and acts like a typical dog. He will be the only dog in his new home, so at least he won’t be stressed all of the time and his true personality will begin to emerge.

The drive back from Sedona was lonely without him by my side.

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