Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ricky’s valley fever

Got some good news this morning from my veterinarian – Ricky’s most recent valley fever test came back with a titer level of 1:2, so he is able to get off his daily Fluconazole medication. So happy, total answer to prayer for sure, so Thank You God!!!

Obviously he’s not out of the woods yet, and will have to be monitored for a resurgence in symptoms but, for right now, I’m just happy that we have made it to this stage. I hoped that we would have been at this state 6 months ago, and it was a bitter blow having to stick with his Fluconazole treatment for another 6 months, but the result today is worth the extra wait. His last bad symptom was on November 30, 2018, so we are very glad to have now put over a year between us and that incident.

The poor dog has been through a lot heath-wise since I adopted him during September 2016, and he wasn’t totally sure why suddenly he was getting bear hugs and kisses from me when I heard the news, but luckily he loves his dad so he was gracious and put up with them. He also enjoyed the celebratory treat though, as did his brother and sister. An early Christmas gift.


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