About me

Residing in Chandler, Arizona, Shy Witness™ is my personal blog, and all opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone.

Picture of Chris in a blue tuxedo vest and tie

This is me

I tend to blog infrequently as I work full time, am responsible for three dogs, and am trying to enjoy life after completing a second master’s degree. As you can see from my archives, my posts tend to be on many different subjects; some are related to current events while others are personal in nature or focused on topics that apply to a wide audience. I always welcome comments and feedback.

I moved to Arizona in 1997 having previously lived  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although my original plan was to move back to New Mexico after a few years, I unexpectedly put down roots and made the Phoenix metro area my home.

Apart from my mom, the most important female in my life is my dog Sandy. She was originally a rescue but was unhappy in her first home, so I like to think that I re-rescued her and brought her to her forever home. She is a Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever mix and has an adorable under bite; each time I catch a glimpse of it I fall madly in love with her all over again.

Chris and his dog Sandy

This is me and my dog Sandy after we graduated Intermediate Puppy Training at PetSmart. As you can tell from our smiles, we were both very proud of our achievement.

Picture of Sandy on her 1st birthday

Sandy on her 1st birthday with a birthday gifts

Picture of Sandy lying on my bed

This is my favorite picture of Sandy. I was getting dressed and she was lying on my bed watching me. It was early in our relationship and she was probably sill trying to figure me out. Check out that adorable under bite

While volunteering with the Arizona Poodle Rescue during 2016, my foster #3 was a male Standard Poodle named Ricky. A couple of weeks into his fostering period, I adopted him and he became my foster failure #1.

ricky-asleep-on-the-couch He used to gravitate to the couch in the family room for some reason. He was very friendly but was obviously malnourished and in need of love and attention.

Over a year later, he is a completely different dog in that he has put on weight and no longer wants to crash on the couch all day. His heart is still as big as ever and he loves any attention shown to him. Ricky_Face_Closeup

If you have never considered fostering a dog, or even adopting one, take a moment and think about it. It’s not a task you should undertake lightly, but you will never regret it.

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